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Healthy Soils – Compost, Mulch and the Soil Food Web

Two of our latest testimonials:

from Michelle I. :  “The information is on the level of what i would expect to get in a college course. The chemistry is very well explained. Compost is no longer just magic to me. I have an idea about the science behind why my years of composting my soil has paid off”.

and from Dawn W. :  “This course gave me a great starting point on improving my soil, composting, and just all around ideas to get me started. Will be getting that soil test done as soon as I can, though I know that my soil is not the best already, but will give me an idea on where to start. The instructor was engaging and had some great slides on the information provided as well as other resources to go over. This course is well worth taking for anyone trying to build a healthy soil and going organic as much as possible”.


Fundamentals of Garden Design, is now available on-line and on-demand!  This is an online version of my highly successful Beginning Landscape Design Class.  Suitable for both beginning design students and those wishing to improve their design skills.  This is not a class utilizing CAD – all design instruction focuses on pencil, pen and ink.

This review from a student of the online course:  “Extremely good information. The author shows you a proven step by step method and explains it very clearly.” Peter R.

My book “Fundamentals of Garden Design” which is an accompaniment for the course is now available on Amazon, currently only as a paperback.