eva montane  “I came to CSGD’s beginning course with considerable design and garden experience. I was largely self taught. I craved formal training. And boy, did I get it! Rob offered so much every day and a rigorous homework schedule from which I learned just as much as in class. Now, two and a half years out, I have partnered with a large, successful nursery, and do all their designs for their clientele. I draw often on the ideas and skills I gained from the course and have much more confidence as I walk the walk and talk the talk of a professional landscape designer. I also really value Rob’s ongoing support as a colleague, cheerleader, and resource. My whole experience with CSGD has been invaluable in realizing my potential as a designer and building my career. Thank you Rob for providing such a quality education in an accessible, intensive format.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Eva Montane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AbundantEarthGardens.com


IMG_9112The Beginning and Advanced Courses at the California School of Garden Design were among the best garden design courses that I have taken. These courses solidified my knowledge of landscape and design to help make me one of the best professionals in Caracas.

Rob, I think you are great teacher and you have mastered the art in this field to Perfection. You have the passion and ability to convey to each student all your knowledge and experience. I was delighted to have received this knowledge through your school and now that I’m working again in my company in Venezuela, I realize how much I learned and apply it every day in my new designs.

Thank you!

Elsy Eekhout, Caracas – Venezuela